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Rapala Fishing Gear

Rapala Fishing Gear

Since 1936, Rapala has made some of the best and most popular fishing gear. Ever since their very first fishing lure that was made out of cork, they have striven to stay on the cutting edge of the fishing industry. Their lures are responsible for many records that are held by fishermen the world over, […]


Great Fishing Trips

Are you ready to head out on a fun fishing adventure? There are many destinations you can go to truly enjoy a fun fishing adventure. Here are some of the best destinations to go if you want to enjoy finding a place to fish. The United States are full to about 12,000 miles of coastline, […]


Getting Ready For The Hunting Season

Before you set out to become a big time hunter, you should pursue some rigorous training through a company like 360 Tactical Training ( You might think that you have all that you need to do in order to prepare for hunting season, but the fact remains that there‚Äôs still a lot of work that […]

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Storing All Your Fishing Equipment

For an avid fisherman, fishing season is all too short. Winter comes, bringing cold temperatures and a long break from the hobby you love. Taking good care of your fishing equipment will make it last through many fishing seasons. Part of taking care of your equipment is winterizing and storing all of it, including rods, […]